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How to make an exhibition stall design effective ?

  • Exhibition Stall Design
  • Exhibition Stall Design
  • Exhibition Stall Design
  • Exhibition Stall Design
  • Exhibition Stall Design
  • Exhibition Stall Design


Exhibition stalls are effective medium to promote Company’s Brand / Product/ Services to a direct target audience. Exhibition Stall Design gives the visibility of Company in the competitive market in a desired manner. Whenever a company participate in an Exhibition, the main question arises is how to make it most effective participation to attain their objective of participation.

There are various consultants and agencies in the market that can offer the solutions for designing and fabrications, however selecting right agencies is a crucial part. Smaller exhibition stalls are generally offered a shell / octonorm structure with furnitures, however leaving the structure plane as it is has no impact at all.

Small Exhibition Stall Design

There are various modes to make small exhibition stalls look creative and pull the crowd in your stall. Using a right branding and display panels make a highly crucial part.

Portable Options:

1. Popup Stand:

Popup stands though not that cost effective media but give a good impact for the small stall used to cover you entire back walls as to change over all look of your stall and create a professional atmosphere. There are various customized options available in popup for product display shelves, top logo paneling etc based on restrictions and requirement in an exhibition.

2. Banner Stand:

Banner stand highly cost effective medium to show your branding in an exhibition and easy to use systems as wells. There are various quality of stands available, however standard used are roll up and luxury banner stand depending on the budget

3. Hanging Banner Stand: Hanging Banner Stand again efficient medium to cover your back walls without occupying space at all and branding being part of your back wall gives more space for discussions and display. These again are highly cost effective medium for display and easily set

4. Catalogue Stand:

Folding Catalogue stand are again very effective medium for brochures/ leaflet display and looks great too as a part of the stall. These Stands are easily carried in a bag and set in minutes for last minute setups

5. Podium/ Counters:

There are various counters and podiums available in the market that can be used as reception / product display etc and again give great visibility to the brand.

Fabrication option:

Again fabrication option can cover up your shell scheme walls with branding or elements to make the stall look unique. Though they are one time setup, they are highly effective medium for exposure in the exhibitions. There are various options available, for details can mail us at mail@tejaswi.biz or visit our website: exhibition.tejaswi.biz

Bigger Exhibition Stalls:

Bigger Exhibition Stalls are highly customized  based on designs considering all the requirement of the client, product and services. There are various elements and materials utilised as to meet over all objective of the stall. There are various options available for deisgning, for details can mail us at mail@tejaswi.biz or visit our website: exhibition.tejaswi.biz. We can offer highly unique custom design to support your requirement to the core as to ensure all the nitty-gritty are taken care in designing.

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